…Holy Saturday: a day for waiting…

I read this in a Lent devotion by NT Wright and I thought I’d share a few passages. Today is the day of waiting, and waiting is something that Christians should do well. We wait for God to do what God does. We wait with anticipation and patience. holy saturdayWe live in the present with full assurance of the reality of the future. In short, for us in the here and now, we live our days as a kind of extended Holy Saturday, knowing that the resurrection of our bodies is already planned and is a sure thing, but in God’s timing and in His way.

“Sometimes…we Christians need to observe a Holy Saturday moment. On Holy Saturday, there is nothing you can do except wait. The Christian faith suffers, apparently , great defeats. There are scandals and divisions, and the world looks on and loves it, like the crowds at the foot of the cross. And where the church, through its own fault, has caused scandal, a time of silence may be appropriate.

But God will do what God will do, in God’s own time. The world can plot and plan, but all of that will count for nothing when the victory already won on the cross turns into the new sort of victory on the third day.

Our part is to keep Holy Saturday in faith and hope, grieving over the ruin of the world that sent Jesus to his death, trusting in the promises of God that new life will come in his way and his time.”

– NT Wright

(The Devotional is on YouVersion and can be found by clicking this link)

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