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phone booth

This New York Times piece is good fodder for those cell phone haters as well as for the rest of us that really are curious just what the social implications of smartphones might be in modern society. This gets into some very interesting biology regarding human connection and the benefits that seem to dwell exclusively in interpersonal contact.

“Your Phone vs Your Heart” – Barbara Fredrickson

In this blog post Redeemer Presbyterian pastor, Tim Keller, does a great job responding to a very timely complaint of Christians. The claim that Christianity picks and chooses verses from the Bible to hold up as a moral rule or law while leaving others behind is an argument that most Christians have heard before. This is a consistent argument with regard to the issue of homosexuality among other things. Keller deals with this topic quite well.

“Old Testament Law and the Charge of Inconsistency” – Tim Keller

As it is Holy Week, and many people in the Evangelical world know very little about Holy Week other than the face that it seems to end with Easter (which isn’t true, Easter begins the new week) – here is a primer to help you appreciate this week a bit more.

“9 Things You Should Know About Holy Week” – Joe Carter

There was a wildly popular video called “Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus” that has, to date, gathered over 24 million views. I understand the point of the video and I am fine with what it being said, but I am also saddened by the death of a good word, “religion”. There was a priest that recorded an excellent response to this video, and I think it is worth seeing to balance the issue. Neither video is done with any malice, and both proclaim truth, but one side of an issue is not enough.

“Why I Love Religion and Love Jesus”

This is a youtube video of an artist named Jadon Lavik singing the old hymn “This is My Father’s World”. I have been smitten with this song for several months now and on Good Friday it seems appropriate to share it. It is easy to begin to see the Cross as something that  happened to Jesus, but the situation was never outside of His control, it was still God’s world in the darkest moment of history.

This is My Father’s World – Jadon Lavik

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