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Hmmm. How do you review the Bible?

There is not nor will there ever be a book that is quite as unique, curious, confusing, enlightening, engrossing, tedious, and powerful as the Bible. It is a book that is finished only to be started again. It is the ultimate hero story and love story with action, adventure, romance, and comedy. It is unparalleled in its ability to accurately speak the the human condition, and it is unmatched in its honesty about life, death, happiness, reality, and God. While it can be profoundly depressing in places there is no other book in print, out of print, or pinned up in the imagination of men past, present, or future that offers so much hope, peace, joy, truth, and love.scroll

I followed a plan to work through the Bible in 90 days this year and it was a rewarding, though taxing, experience. The flow of the story isn’t always as friendly as dime-store novels, but it also is far from being mechanical in the way reference books are. I can say for a fact that after plowing through the Scriptures as that pace I have never found the last three chapters of Revelation so glorious.  It really did have the feel of a happy ending. The pain of the fall from grace and Adam and Eve’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden was outweighed by the glory and hope that are offered as John the Revelator describes the city of God coming down out of heaven.

I highly recommend this book. In fact, the contents have changed and will continue to change lives. I am one of those lives. I was rescued from myself more than a decade ago and now I find that each day this Book brings me closer and closer to the image of the One who rescued me. The Bible helps me become what I was meant to be all along. It does that, and perhaps this is the most important thing about this Book, because it reveals the Creator of the universe. He who is the lover of souls, the distributor of grace, the defender of right, and the forgiver of sins…His face, hands, heart, mind, and even body is revealed, in part, in these pages.

There will never be another book like it. It is a lamp for our daily steps that lights the pathways we traverse in this life.

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