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China’s extermination of babies over the last 40 years has eclipsed our own American population. That means that there was an entire nation of people that were not allowed the chance to breath outside the womb, feel a mother’s embrace, touch another human being, or ever see a sunrise. I cannot think of any description for that kind of dedication to death than damnable.

China: 336 Million Abortions in Barely Four Decades – Tom Strode

Gary Laderman offers five fascinating conclusions regarding the Western movement away from church, religion, and proven spiritual pathways. This is a great, succinct piece on the social impact of the “no-religion” movement.

The Rise of Religious “Nones” – Gary Laderman

This is good, rational perspective for the evangelical church in response to the potential movement toward nationwide gay-marriage.

What If Gay Marriage Goes Nationwide? – Mark Heath

Whether you believe women should be allowed in combat or not the truth is that the recent legislation will have an impact on our military. I don’t agree with, nor endorse, all of the points in this article, but like many good pieces its excellence is found in the questions that it raises.

Seven Myths About Women in Combat – GS Newbold

This is a dated video, but this is one of the most engaging talks I’ve ever heard about education (or anything for that matter). Ken Robinson has a way of presenting that makes you almost desperate to hear what he’s going to say next. Do yourself a favor and spend 19 minutes watching this, I promise you’ll feel smarter when you’re done.

Schools Kill Creativity – Ken Robinson

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