About Kris Kilgore

My name is Kris Kilgore. The meandering thoughts and opinions you find within the sliver of internet space occupied by this blog are mine. I am a follower of Jesus Christ (and the rest of the Trinity), 20121116-190652.jpgI am a grateful husband, a sleepy father, and a hopeful friend. I am a credentialed minister, a bishop without a big hat, in the Church of God (Cleveland, TN) denomination.

I also own two dogs. (if you own dogs then you understand why this needed its own paragraph break)

I write because I enjoy it and because I want to be better at it tomorrow than I am today. I write for the same reason that modest guitar players sing songs in the basement.

Comments are welcome and appreciated. I am more than happy to live in perpetual disagreement with almost anyone about almost anything as long as it doesn’t sever the chords of relationship. The way I see it, if you are going to read my opinions I should be willing to read yours.

You can check my Facebook page HERE if you want to see more pictures or make sure I’m legit (because Facebook is basically a poor man’s background check). Or you can follow me on Twitter @kristiankilgore (or there is a button to do that somewhere on this page).

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