A Few Words for Lent – Day 1

I read a sermon today by the Catholic theologian Herbert McCabe that talked at length about the relationship between faith and God’s love. He stated beautifully the root of our problems as people saying,

“All sin is a symptom of faithlessness or uncertainty about being loved, as all belief is an affirmation of that love.”

It was McCabe’s broader point that our questions about God, about our place in this world, and nearly everything else is not evidence of disbelief or a lack of faith. To the contrary, the very ground we are standing on to try and catch a glimpse of those answers is the love of cliffGod. The very thing that supports us as we search is, ironically, the proof we have been looking for. The fact that questions exist in us at all is evidence of the presence of the love of God. It would seem that Jesus himself understood this when he looked into the eyes of those searching for him and quoted from Psalm 118, “the stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.” (Matt 21:42)

What remains then is not about belief or unbelief in whether His love for us exists, but about deciding what we will do with the reality that we are so greatly loved.

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