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Considering the tragic turn of the Boston Marathon and the plant in West, Texas, this post was necessary and important. Though you may have already thought through it, or read it before, God was not absent in Boston or Texas. He reveals Himself powerfully in those places…if we’re willing to look.

Where Was God During the Boston Marathon – Susan Stamper Brown

This is one of the more impassioned things I’ve read on true humility and self-awareness in a while. Pastor Jonathan Martin doesn’t fight to make a point here as much as he channels something beautiful and assured. referencing Job, he challenges with this post and at the same time draws the reader into something larger…and by necessity, helps us realize our glorious smallness.

Feeling At Home in My Smallness – Jonathon Martin

The Dove Corporation has done a few marketing pieces aimed at helping women understand either what beauty is / is not, or, like here, making them realize that they are more beautiful than they give themselves credit for. This is an amazing video, and it isn’t for women only. Whoever came up with this idea is a genius, truly. I couldn’t help but make the spiritual connection and the importance of community within the church for this very reason. In isolation we tend to be overly critical of who we are, but others reveal who we actually are in ways that we cannot.

Dove Real Beauty Sketch – Video

Seth Godin gives some perspective here about why we love the products we love. In turn there is some revelation about what really connects us to things, and it isn’t just quality. There is a power to the idea of experience that needs to be understood in order to help us grow in relationships and in wisdom.

The Brand is a Story – Seth Godin

Diane Diamond offers a piece, though a tad more politically opinionated than I prefer for this blog, that does a decent job at pointing out how our philosophy and decisions have direct impact on our practical and daily lives. Read the meaning here not so much the politics.

The Weight of America’s Justice System–Really? – Diane Diamond


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