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This article from the UK gives a decent brush of the North Korean predicament as it stands. This is important to me not just because any war on the Korean peninsula will involve America, but because of the potential to see a bona-fide madman at work in my lifetime. If Kim Jong-un had the war machine that Hitler had in the late 1930’s he would have already moved, but despite his inability to be a legitimate global power he, like his father, seems to be largely unconcerned with victory or defeat but more about  gaining his own version of respect. This is philosophical struggle as much as any other kind.

Is North Korea About to Start World War 3? – Christopher Bluth

This is an opinion piece by Bill O’Reilly, of FoxNews fame, about the ratings competition between two season finales that aired on Easter. The History Channel’s wrap up of “The Bible” series went head to head with the season ending episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. O’Reilly does a good job here of interjecting his own wit and pointing out a couple of points of cultural commentary.

Zombies vs. Jesus – Bill O’Reilly

Moderate David Brooks is a columnist for the New York Times and this piece is an angle in the Gay Marriage debate that I hadn’t seen. I don’t know where Brooks’ ethical allegiances lie, but I’m profoundly impressed by his process here. This is worth the price of admission this week by itself. I’d encourage you, as nearly always, don’t just read his point, read how and why he got there.

Freedom Loses One – David Brooks

Blogger / Author Seth Godin talks in this brief rumination about the danger is perpetually looking for something “new”. He makes the wise point that many of us are apt to lose sight of the essence of a thing in favor of the peripheral, and even disconnected, aspects of it.

Neophilia As A Form of Hiding – Seth Godin

This video is a small part of a larger interview with New Testament theologian and pastor NT Wright. I’ve grown quite fond of Wright over the last year and this video is a decent entry into hearing how he thinks and processes information. This clip is about reading the Bible and how he suggests we should engage the Scriptures. The last half is an explanation of the liturgical practices and what they actually are supposed to mean (Wright is Anglican by denominational stripe, and therefore is in a liturgical tradition). I’d encourage anyone to read, listen to, or watch NT Wright. He’ll force you to think and pay attention.

The Whole Sweep of Scripture – NT Wright


  1. Hey Kris – I really like your new format // thanks for doing research for us. The experts of the 21st century will not be the ones who have the most knowledge (that’s available at our figure tips); the new experts will be the ones who can help us filter and use all the knowledge and info that is coming at us.


    • Thanks for the encouragement. I find that my greatest struggle with the Internet is just what you’re taking about. There is so much “good” stuff floating around, it makes sifting down to the essential stuff difficult. But for many reasons, some searching is beneficial and worth while.

      I trust you and your family are well.


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