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  • Os Guinness is the grandson of the founder of Guinness beer, but more than that he is one of the most insightful Christian thinkers alive today. He has an uncanny ability to look at life, trends, and culture and make observations that leave you both astounded and wondering why you didn’t see it yourself. This is an interview with Guinness about the 1960’s which in his opinion was a monumental turning point in our culture. This is worth the price of admission today by itself:

The Seismic Shift of the 1960’s – Os Guinness

  • This opinion/ review piece pulls from Jonathan Last’s book on population decline and it’s implications. This isn’t a brief article, but it is incredibly interesting and even a bit startling at times.

Population Decline and the Birth Dearth – Scott Yenor

  • From the “you’ve got to be kidding me” files comes a short article about the ironic timing of a locust invasion in Israel. If you know your Bible, this one will leave you with the sense that somewhere Moses and Joel are laughing like loons.

Just In Time For Passover, Israel Braces For Locust Invasion – Michele Chabin

  • In looking up some stuff on the idea of Sabbath I ran across this 30 year old piece by John Piper about why gathered worship is an important thing for us, not just a ritual that has little cultural significance.

Sabbath Hedonism – John Piper

  • Jill Carattini, from Ravi Zacharias’ RZIM ministry, writes about the tension between science and faith. She powerfully starts off the blog / article with a reference to The Bloodhound Gang from the old version of the children’s show “3-2-1 Contact”, which made it more than somewhat noteworthy. The idea of mystery is explored as she says, “In so much of the culture in which we operate today, mystery is thought of in reductionistic terms. It is a momentary fascination that needs some higher reasoning, future information, or an hour of crime scene investigating to solve and explain.”

The Mystery of Faith – Jill Carattini

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