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This blog post by Tim Challies is a great perspective piece on using technology to remain self-aware as Christians. Like our bank statement, our browser’s search history and the incredibly detailed record of movement on Facebook that Challies refers to should be things that we look at often and hold to close scrutiny.

A Social Media Heart Check – Tim Challies

This entry comes from a Pentecostal pastor in Charlotte that generally says intriguing things, whether I always agree with him or not. Jonathan Martin offers this look at the ambiguity of life in which he feels God dwells. I must say that when I read things like this it helps me not feel quite so crazy, or alone, as these same ideas make their rounds in my thoughts often.

Finding God in the Ambiguity – Jonathan Martin

Some of this is just a retelling of a story from the Gospels, but the point that Morf Morford makes at the beginning and at the end is worth reading though this piece. Who will we stand with? It’s an interesting question when dropped into our own context

Writing in the Dirt: The Choice Between Being Right and Being Like Jesus – Morf Morford

An advice and instruction piece on guarding your kids (and yourself) from internet pornography. Not all of these points are based on browser locks and monitoring software. There is some very solid stuff here.

Raising Kids in a Pornified Culture – Zach Nielson

This is a great post that engages the moral dilemma of the Lance Armstrong debacle, but from a different perspective. The point here is that we are almost forced to take the good with the bad when talking about a medical industry with soaring technology and sinking morals. The same innovative medical philosophy that helped Armstrong beat cancer also helped him beat every other cyclist in the Tour de France.

The Moral Problem of Lance Armstrong – The Second Eclectic

I couldn’t help but include this one. There’s just something about trying to fiddle with nature that seems even dumber when the tool for tinkering is a Marvin Gaye record.

Edinburgh Zoo Pandas Listen to Mood Music Before Hanky Panky – Hilary Hanson

Finally, two short pieces regarding movies and theaters. First Barna says that Christians are big on movies. We watch quite a bit in comparison to the rest of the nation. Then, a great example of how the “system” is broken. When a felony can be slapped onto someone’s record for an overall cost of less than $20 we have a serious judicial problem.

Evangelical Movie-Going Habits – Barna

Couple That Snuck into Movie Theater Faces Felony Charges – Simon McCormack

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