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This is the transcript from the Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech of Elie Wiesel in 1986. Wiesel, and his family, were all taken into the Nazi death camps during World War II. Wiesel would eventually lose is father, mother, and sister to the brutality of the camps. His book “Night” is an incredible and penetrating testimony of those years of horror. His Nobel speech is a brief but stirring piece that should be read regularly as a point of reference in a world apt to fly off the rails.

1986 Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech – Elie Wiesel

This is an article written by Patrick Buchanan. The broad entry point is the recent resignation of Pope Benedict, but Buchanan sort of muses about the Catholic church in general, and the Western idea of Christianity at times, comparing the middle of the last century with the present. There are at least one billion members of the Catholic church world wide, so despite the all too prevalent tendency by Protestants and evangelicals toward schism, it matters greatly to us what happens in the Catholic church.

A Godly Man in an Ungodly Age – Patrick Buchanan

This is a somewhat depressing piece, but with encouraging implications, about the percentage of African-American missionaries. Granted this is only a snapshot of one denomination, but the trend is likely similar across denominational boundaries. At some point we must admit that many of our churches, particularly in the Evangelical South, are existing in an age of “friendly segregation”. This missionary percentage is merely one more symptom of that greater ill.

A New Generation of Black Missionaries – Erich Bridges

From a writer with Ravi Zacharias’ ministry comes an article about how we should think about social media in particular and the assault of “unmolded” information that the internet offers in general. An excellent contribution to this attempt for Christian thinking to make sense of social media.

Hyperseeing from the Towers of Babel – Jill Carattini

This is an article on the Gospel Coalition’s site by Chuck Colson (obviously not currently written). Colson discusses 5 benefits to Lent, and does a great job making an implicit case for broader participation in the practice of Lent in the evangelical arm of Christianity. Too many people have written off certain traditional church practices due to a couple of generations of constant attack on any liturgical or high-church traditions. This article is a good example of why Lent is important for us all.

Why Bother With Lent? – Chuck Colson

Here is a “must read” for anyone who is vocationally in church ministry or is a regular servant within the context of Christian Service.

Dangers of ‘Faking It’ In Ministry – Kathy Keller

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