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I have decided to start periodically sharing some links to articles or other tidbits that I’ve found to be of interest or spiritually / socially redeeming. I do my best to read from a broad array of sources from liberal Christian thinkers to secular scientists to right-winged, gun-toting fundamentalists – and hopefully much in the middle of that farrago of angles. To paraphrase a quote that gets attributed to John Burke, if you read one author you learn to plagiarize, if you read many authors you learn to think. So in my attempt to share what makes me think and also hopefully enrich all of our lives in the process.

In a world of increasing tension with regard to weapons and rights and possible revolutions this article is an interesting reminder of the power of non-violent resistance, which, by the way, has tended to be the Christian response to personal injustice for 2000 years.

Civil Disobedience as Prayer – Jim Douglas

This is a powerful excerpt from a book directed toward preachers, but a good read for any Christian regarding the essence of the relationship between the internalized gospel and the proclaimed gospel.

Preachers Should Be Like Naughty Kids – Tullian Tchividjian

This is a longer piece but a fascinating take on how salvation, in our personal and corporate lives, actually works. In other words, what does Jesus save us from really? The author’s opinionated, but poignant, take is that Jesus saves the world from us by re-calibrating our very nature through His love. (this is a longer piece but the last paragraph is worth the price of admission)

Is Jesus saving the world from us? – Morgan Guyton

Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian in New York City, talks about how relevance in our presentation of the gospel ought not be imitated or parroted because every culture is different. Where you live is the culture you need to relate to and plagiarizing someone who lives in a different place isn’t just foolish, it renders the gospel message ineffective.

Preaching to the Collective Heart – Tim Keller

This is a super slow motion video of a human eye that shows the iris moving like jelly as the eye shifts back and forth. Cool video.

My Iris Wobbles – the slow mo guys

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