…some days aren’t for blogging…

I must confess, I am not in front of a computer. I am on my cell phone at an Italian restaurant with my wife and little girl waiting on my fabulous in-laws so we can eat pizza and laugh together and share life. These things, contrary to some Christian’s opinions, are just as sanctified as acts of worship as devotions and church services. All of our lives are moment-by-moment expressions of adoration to the God who is ultimately the Author, Sustainer, and Provider of every moment.

I could wax eloquent about Paul’s all-encompassing theology of worship as he laid it out for the Corinthians (1 Cor. 10), or about Jesus’ powerfully inclusive statement as He boiled the law and prophets’ extensive writings into two easy-to-understand-hard-to-follow rules of life. But I wont. Right now I’m going to just be at the restaurant, and get busy worshipping God as I tickle my daughter and talk with my wife.

There will be better days, but they will be spent with the same people we have around us right now…and that’s a more important statement than even I understand.

Live life and worship God in the living friends, it’s God’s will.


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