…hating the pinch…

It’s been busy. Between work, school, kids, and the unplanned bits of life, time has been a resource rationed with care when possible, but also shaped by chaos far too often. I wouldn’t have thought of it this way, but these seasons create a claustrophobia of sorts. When there is no margin to spill into we begin to feel the presence of the “edges” of life looming much more ominous. Like a toddler writing on a Post-It note, I have been overdrawn in some important areas, but just like overdrawing from a bank account, there is no comfort nor peace in using resources that really aren’t mine. When the demands on my time and energy hit their nefarious apex I have a tendency to feel trapped, caught, and cornered. If it was uncontrollable I can see how that kind of feeling could create a sense of panic.

David’s proclivity for neurotic writing helps us all in tough situations. I understand that David walked some legitimately difficult roads, but where most of us tend to push those rogue emotions into the bottom of our social suitcases, David unzipped that mug and let it all hang out. And this is likely why we love to read the Psalms: it brings us some measure of relief to know first, that we aren’t alone in our thoughts, and second, that we aren’t the craziest person in the kingdom of God. Once again, as I was attempting to stay above the surface in my own problem soup, David came through:

Psalm 18:19

He brought me out into a broad place; he rescued me, because he delighted in me

The promise that God will not only save my soul and forgive my sin and heal my body, mind, and spirit, not only those wonderful things, but that in the pinch, if I’m snared, when life’s barbed lasso is trying reel me in, that God will put me into wide open spaces is almost more joy than I can contain. He will give me room to move. He will set me in the middle of a blank page with deep, kindergarten sized margins on every side.

Friends, I long for this. If you are pinched tonight, know with confidence that things will widen. Believe, by faith, that God can and will open the closet you’ve been stuck in and let you walk not just into another room, but in Christ you can “walk into everywhere”. Read that again, it will make sense, you may have conditioned yourself to think that at best God will put you on a longer leash. But God sent Jesus to be pinched and pinned to the cross so that we could walk free.

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