…some days…

Some days are double-barreled, take-no-prisoners, break you down, tenacious onslaughts of trouble, temptation, and trial. Some days are hard-edged, acid-raining, drag-you-through-the-streets type days that don’t relent, won’t surrender, and can’t quit. Some days burn your soul, crush your will, amputate your hope, and poison your mind. Some days you find yourself in courts filled with kangaroos, false accusations, and life-time sentences.

Some days sorrow overwhelms you like Niagra gushing with sadness. Some days brokenness and weakness and foolishness seem to be the only normal you can make sense of, the only language you can speak, and the only land that feels indigenous to your heart. Some days pain is the companion that you wish would quit traveling with you, until you realize that without pain you would be alone, so you masochistically cling to the pain because any other, every other, option seems worse.

And on those days, when it’s not the future that brings fear but the present as well…on those days when all is broken, not figuratively but literally…on those days when even darkness would be an improvement…on those days, Jesus is still there.

He is there in the darkness , pain, brokenness, foolishness, hurt, despair, anger, and accusation. And the whole time He is pointing to the cross saying, “I’ve been there.” and then, without condescension He points to the tomb, empty and hollow, and says, “follow Me, I know My way out of there.”

Because some days you find out that there are tombs you get trapped in before your body ever gets laid to “rest”. And Jesus knows the way out of those too. Paul said that without the hope of resurrection, we have no hope at all. Maybe, just maybe, that doesn’t just mean physical death, but mental, emotional, and any other kind of death you can think of. In fact, I believe its safe to say that there isn’t a grave that has been built, designed, fashioned, or dreamed up that Jesus Christ doesn’t know how to make obsolete with the power of His love and the expanding nature of His grace.

Some days, these days, any days, those days…They are ALL in His hand.


  1. Talk about God’s perfect timing for me to read this. I’ve been watching a loved ones’ life just breaking down to nothing and I hate to see this – shattering my heart and anything else connected to it. Today was a new low and all afternoon/evening I’ve been asking “God I know you’re there – I know you have heard our cries – just reading your blog has assured me that Jesus is here even though I can’t see or feel him. Thank you for sharing this. It’s been another emotionally and mentally challenging day watching this loved one come crashing down – I’ve tried to save him, but I have nothing left to save him.


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