…storm break…

Its been dreadfully busy the last 60 hours.I could drone on and on about the things that have beckoned for my time and pretend that someone else is to blame and blah, blah, blah. But I won’t.

I still have things I have to get done tonight, but a wise man advised me to write every day so I’m dropping a quick note this evening.

As I have been in the middle of this cacophony of things to do, I have found myself quite overwhelmed today. I have some things that have to be done tonight, they are non-negotiable, and I’m going to get back to them in a moment. But just a few minutes ago, in the midst of my Monday crisis, I was sitting on the porch at my parents’ house (they have been graciously taking care of the kids),  and rain started falling. I figured it was just a shower passing through the area, it would be gone as quickly as it came. And I was right. But it wasn’t just another “something” going on for me in those moments.

There’s something about a storm. I’ve been fascinated with thunderstorms for as long as I can imagine. The idea of storm chasing tornadoes is incredibly appealing to me. Large fronts and big clouds and high winds and heavy rains…its incredible. And tonight was no different, as soon as the rain started stinging the asphalt and the winds started pushing it around I couldn’t work anymore. I was hooked by the display of power. William Faulkner might again borrow from Shakespeare and say it was a moment of “sound and fury”. I closed my computer, moved my books to a dry place, and stood as close to the torrent as I could without getting soaked.

God speaks this way. I knew, about half way through the storm, that this wasn’t just another passing thunderstorm. This was a moment for me. I’ve prayed today, but I’ll be honest, it hasn’t been as focused and deliberate as it should’ve been. Deadlines and distractions have robbed my concentration and stolen the focus which generally comes with little problem. But, in a beautiful and powerful way, God knocked at my soul’s door tonight and said, “the day’s not over.”

So for the duration of that thunderstorm I stood in awe of the power of our Creator. There was no other thought in my mind. Just admiration and worship. Some days, just because He loves us, He doesn’t wait for us, He initiates.

I’m thankful for those moments, though brief, and I hope to get done with my work at a reasonable hour. But regardless of how all of this plays out, I’m encouraged tonight. May you also be encouraged that your Father loves you, and maybe, just maybe, He’s knocking tonight. Maybe you haven’t had time today, maybe you’ve had time and squandered it; no matter the reason, I can tell you what He’s saying: “the day’s not over yet.”

Blessings to you all.

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