…real prosperity…

2 Chronicles 7:10

On the twenty-third day of the seventh month he sent the people away to their homes, joyful and glad of heart for the prosperity that the Lord had granted to David and to Solomon and to Israel his people.   ESV

The prosperity that is spoken of here is obviously NOT about money or possessions or really anything that can be put into a suitcase or set on a shelf. The prosperity here (and the meta-idea of prosperity in the whole of the Scriptures) is something that happens to us and in us and hopefully through us by God’s power and love.

They had spent more than two weeks together. Their hearts had been renewed by the the dedication ceremonies for the temple, they had laughed and loved and enjoyed good food and social intercourse during the week of feasting.

The heart change that had taken place, and the fullness of spirit that had come through fellowship, these are the things that are referred to as “prosperity”. No one went home financially better than they came, but everyone went home better than they came in ways that money and possessions are powerless to offer.

As we spend time together with family and friends today, may we be ever reminded of the weight and value and worth of these moments. In our economy we have a tendency to love things and use people, but in God’s economy it is exactly the opposite, things are to be used and people are to be loved. A perverted view of prosperity focuses on the things that we acquire, but a Biblically accurate view of it is firmly rooted in our relationships with God, our family, our friends, and our neighbors.

May we drink deeply today of the shared moments and memories that will indeed echo throughout eternity when every last shred of material possession has faded and blown away. Make the most of these times.


  1. Good application! This account is also a reminder to me of how I want my people to leave each time they come to the house of God at FMCOG; as the saying goes, “Even if you feel you must preach about hell, preach like you don’t want the people to go there.”


    • Just to know that a man of your stature has taken time to peruse my scribblings is high praise. And I agree that there ought to be a sense of value in the shared moments we have. Jesus seemed to believe that His followers were more closely related than “blood” family, which is an astounding claim. But that does mean our gathered worship services are more than just scattered lives falling into the same place, we come together because we fit together.

      Hope you’re well. Always an honor hearing from you 🙂


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