What I Learned at Disney

1. the “dreams come true” motif seems to be far more attainable at 9am than 8pm
2. you can spend literally millions of dollars to entertain kids and they will still cry
3. children rank as one of the top 3 American idols…child worship is pandemic
4. the cost of food has infinitely more to do with geography than quality
5. seeing in person what you’ve only previously heard about or seen in recorded form is powerful…no matter your age
6. people never get ready at the same speed, and we all have different ideas about what “on time” means
7. shoes may be the most underrated and important choices  of the wardrobe when themeparks are involved…because you can look bad and still feel good
8. heat is no respector of persons, regardless of body type
9. kids, and some adults, think the primary mission of a $700 phone is to facilitate on-demand access of “angry birds” and/or some other cellular crack-cocaine fix
10. our understanding of “a long day” can always be redefined
11. engineers have discovered the exact amount of time that a child must spend in a flying elephant, spinning teacup, or on a bobbing horse to have simultaneously enough and not enough fun. This is also the precise timing to both make a child forget how long tbey spent in line and cause a parent to never forget. 
12. at some point, in the middle of a tantrum, it begins to make perfect sense as to why tbey charge $4 for an ice cream sandwich
13. too much fun is just as distressing and frustrating as too little…everyone, all ages, has a “fun tank” that can get over-filled
14. The tendency to test the resolve and patience of highway patrolmen is far greater on the drive home
15. After spending hundreds of $’s on bottled water, surviving heat exhaustion & living on 4hrs of sleep we leave vacation to go back to work…perhaps for some relaxation

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