a long lost element…

     Discipleship in the local church takes many forms. It may be a small group with a regular meeting time, or one-to-one between believers over coffee at Denny’s. The common denominator: it’s not one smart person imparting knowledge to the masses; it’s one follower helping another. Or it’s a band of believers sharing their lives and following Jesus as a team. These are the ancient ways of propagating the Christian faith. Less efficient, but more effective.

     We think that any small gathering of Christians is an example of discipleship. Not so. Genuine discipleship takes place only when the members of the group are spurring one another on. A spur in the flank hurts! When iron sharpens iron, sparks fly! They must know each other deeply, trust each other implicitly, and be willing to speak the truth even when it hurts.

          – David Murrow, Why Men Hate Going to Church

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