unexplainable Christians

“Bishop Samuel, who died in a hail of gunfire with President Anwar Sadat of Egypt back in 1981, once told Dr. Ray Bakke how Christianity captured northern Africa in the early centuries. He spoke about the love of the Christians that defied explanation. For example, in those days there were no abortion procedures, so unwanted children were just left to die on the streets. So there would be “baby runs” with young men rescuing abandoned infants. This was, of course, before baby bottles, so the infants were brought to nursing mothers who adopted them as their own.

Samuel, leader of Egypt’s Christian Coptic Church, described how Christians were often discriminated against and given lowly positions such as garbage collectors. Yet when these lowly Christians came across the dead bodies (often as the result of a plague), they would wash the bodies and give them a decent burial, arguing that even the wicked deserve a burial in light of the coming resurrection. Such acts of love stimulated the interest of the pagans: They were impressed by a supernatural love, a love of service even to the people of the world. And with their hearts, these Christians won North Africa to the Christian faith.”

                 ~ Erwin Lutzer, “Is God on America’s Side?” (pg 96)

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